During the past thirty-five years, my photographic work has been concerned primarily with all things Parisian, and to a lesser extent, Still Life as well as Portraiture. While an interest in abstract painting and drawings had a minor, unresolved place in some of my photographs, it was never the primary focus.

In 2016, I began studying the work of New York "abstract expressionst" painters. The eminent photographer, Aaron Siskind, was a great friend of many of those artists, particularly, Franz Kline. My exposure to Siskind's photographs enabled and convinced me that there was a different, and more interesting way of looking at the world through the camera lens.

I've recently come into the "modernist" era. where abstract photography rewards intuition, discarding the unsophisticated, literal view of a picture. My recent work strives to become pure shapes. It defies the image of Reality. These photographs have become a flat surface without scale; a transformation of the visual material through the personal involvement of the artist. As Aaron Siskind said, "The picture is taken out of context. It's taken out of this world and put in a different world."

All photographs © Ronald Hurwitz 2019
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